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Herbs Against Cancer

Qinghaosu (Artemisinin) 青蒿素 In 2005, we were told by her doctors that my mom got late stage live cancer and no surgery, radiation, or chemo could help her, and that she might just eat the…

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Anti-Cancer Drink 抗癌保健飲

Billy Wang has been great in fighting cancer and also helping others to do so. Anyone can help us to translate this into English? From Sister Amy: 檸檬200克 (我秤了差不多三粒小綠檸檬: 把綠檸檬切開,把白心切掉. 切成小塊, 或說大卸八塊–一顆切成八粒) 白糖80克 ((我不知道Billy用的是什麼冰糖) 冰水兩杯…

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Go 99 and Beyond! is “go 99” not “g 009”, meaning “let’s work together to go to 99 and beyond through health living! was created to redirect all traffic to with the short url for a…